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Four Program Areas

The Forgotten International - Living on a Dollar a Day

“Too often those of us who live comfortable lives miss the entire spectrum of humanity
who share our planet in lives of desperate poverty. This book brings all of us closer.”
                                                                                                    – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Slightly over one billion people on the planet live on a dollar a day. While the reasons for their poverty may be different across geographic regions and political circumstances, the results are much the same. Extreme poverty robs people of options in life, and the cycle is nearly impossible to break without help. While the poor often work very hard at jobs many of us would not even consider doing, not having access to basic health care and education keeps them at the bottom of the economic ladder, usually for generations.
Living on a Dollar a Day shares the personal stories of some of the poorest of the poor, honoring their lives, their struggles, and encouraging action in those who can help. In making this beautiful and moving book a team traveled to four continents, took thousands of photographs, conducted numerous interviews, and researched information on the agencies around the world that strive to help the destitute. The resulting stories and photographs offer a heartrending glimpse into the everyday realities of individuals and families facing extreme poverty. Personal profiles give voice to their experience, and research about the root causes of global poverty is shared along with information on how those in more fortunate circumstances can get involved.

Living on a Dollar a Day gives the largely invisible poor a face and a voice. In a world that grows more and more connected and interdependent, the issues that affect one person eventually affect us all. This important book is a powerful call to action for anyone who wishes to help alleviate human suffering.

Author / Photographer

Thomas A. Nazario is the founder and president of The Forgotten International, a nonprofit organization that does poverty alleviation work in several parts of the world, as well as an attorney, child advocate, and law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. His expertise in children's rights has led him all over the world documenting human rights violations involving women and children, as well as working with inner-city kids in the San Francisco Bay area for over thirty-five years. Through his travels he has discovered many grassroots organizations that seek to help the poorest of the poor, and he works tirelessly to provide ongoing support to these groups, as well as new organizations his foundation continues to find around the world. In addition to his teaching, Tom often makes presentations to community groups, companies, colleges, foundations, and corporations that wish to get involved in his work. Tom also often serves as a host to the Dalai Lama when His Holiness visits California. (

Renée C. Byer is an American documentary photojournalist best known for her in-depth work focusing on the disadvantaged and those who otherwise would not be heard. Her ability to produce photographs with profound emotional resonance and sensitivity earned her the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography in 2007 and made her a Pulitzer finalist in 2013. She has covered local, national, and international stories for The Sacramento Bee since 2003. Her work has been published in books, magazines, newspapers, and on websites worldwide and was the basis for a 2009 TEDx Tokyo talk that received a standing ovation. When not on assignment, she can be found sharing her passion for photography at lectures and workshops worldwide. See Renée C. Byer winning the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.


Coming Soon: Living on a Dollar a Day: The Documentary

We are raising funds to produce a documentary film of this project. It will serve as a complement to the book and help tell the stories of the many people in our global community who have simply been forgotten. Please view our trailer and help us spread the word about this important project. Thank you!

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