The Bridge Fund

Even before the present state of affairs, America knew that nearly half of all Americans would have a great deal of difficulty overcoming an unexpected expense of as little as four hundred dollars. Today, however, this reality has been exacerbated and shown to be even more devastating as America’s poor have been the first to lose their jobs due to the economic dislocation that the coronavirus has triggered, and worse, the first to die at overwhelmingly disproportionate rates when compared to those who are more privileged in our society.

In order to make even a small dent in all the suffering that is now taking place in America, we at The Forgotten International have set aside some funding to help those who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis which could be mitigated with a small grant that would serve as a “bridge” to a more promising future. In short, our hope would be that this grant would work to take the recipient from a state of desperation back to a position of hope, hence the term “Bridge Grant”.

Grant Requirements and Limitations

  • The recipient must be nominated by either a TFI Board member, a member of our staff, a social worker, a school teacher, or an administrator of one of our partner organizations.
  • The nominator must submit at least one of the following along with the nomination form: an invoice, price estimate, past due bill, or similar documentation of the amount their nominee hopes to receive in grant money.
  • The grant is limited to $2,500 per recipient per year, and one cannot be considered for a grant more than twice within a given year.
  • The recipient cannot be a relative of the nominator.
  • The recipient can be an individual, household, or organization.
  • The recipient must be living in the USA.
  • The recipient’s need for assistance need not be related to the current pandemic.
  • Finally, although not necessary, we would prefer to have our funds pass through a local non-profit organization that serves the recipient’s community and/or have the recipient report back to us as to how the funds were expended. What is most important, however, is that this grant serves to relieve the recipient of a temporary financial obstacle that could have foreclosed whatever progress the recipient had been making towards a more stable financial future.

If you qualify to nominate a grantee and know of someone who may benefit from this program, please consider filling out the nomination form below and emailing it to us at

A special thanks to members of our Board of Directors for making this fund possible.

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