Giving Tuesday 2019

Tabitha Enabling Academy

In Nagaland, India, TEA is the only organization in the area providing education and support to children with special needs.
They offer traditional classes along with occupational therapies and daily life skills. For children who may be bed-ridden, or who otherwise cannot come to school, they offer home-based education.
Tabitha also brings disability awareness to the community so families with children in need know to seek assistance early.

Your Gift Provides:

  • $75 — salary of one teacher for one month
  • $225 — salaries of three teachers for one month
  • $900 — salary of one teacher for one year
  • $2,700 — salaries of three teachers for one year

Donate to Tabitha

A donation of any amount will help ensure these qualified teachers can continue to provide students with the skills they need to determine their futures.
Thank you!
100% of your gift will go to this deserving organization.
Just so you know, depending on who you include within the category of the disabled, they make up some 10 to 18% of our world’s population, and so they are one of the world’s largest minority groups and, one would think, entitled to more rights and respect.
The truth is, however, that only 25% of the world’s countries provide any legislation to protect the disabled from discrimination, or help in providing them with access to state facilities and/or programs specifically targeted to their needs.
As a result, in some countries, 80% of the disabled population are either illiterate or unemployed, or both.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

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