Help Us Help a Young Artist with a Dream

Please Help Elvis Malogo!

A young man with an amazing gift to share with the world.

To see more of Elvis’ artwork, visit his Instagram account @malogo_art.

We met Elvis Malogo in 2015 while visiting students we had placed in a boarding school in Ghana, West Africa. We noticed he was not in his school uniform and largely hid in the Boys’ Dormitory. After inquiring, we learned that his mother was behind on his school fees so the administrators had excluded him from classes and he was living there at the whim of students who occasionally brought him some food. After contacting Elvis’ mother, we made the decision to make him one of our sponsored students and part of our Eric L. Brandenburg Children’s Fund. We paid his school fees and boarding expenses, and supported him through high school. 

Today this talented and bright young man is hoping to go to a university and become a commercial artist. In order to accomplish that dream, he will need our help. Elvis has worked hard to grow his artistic skills as a charcoal pencil artist. He is self-taught and creates hyperrealistic figurative drawings.

How You Can Help

The next step for Elvis is for him to continue to hone his artistic skills, and for us to have him enrolled in a university program that will allow him to eventually turn his talent and passion into a career that will successfully break him away from the cycle of poverty into which he was born.

We are hoping to find Elvis a place at a university in the United States or Europe where he can complete his studies to earn a degree. Please contact us if you have a connection to any of the following:

  • A person at a college/university or possibly an arts institute that would help us with the application process and would welcome someone like Elvis to his or her school
  • A person or foundation that provides scholarships for young, talented artists
  • A person who owns an art gallery or is very much connected to the arts world
  • Someone who might help us organize a visit to the states where he might be able to meet those in the arts or maybe get involved in an art exhibit or competition
  • A person who might be willing to host him at their home for either a short or long term, while visiting or attending schools in the United States
  • Someone who is familiar with navigating international immigration rules, travel restrictions, required passports, and visas for someone coming from Africa (either Ghana or Nigeria)

If you believe you may be able to help Elvis to in some way to achieve his dreams, please reach out to Tom at or simply call him at 415-518-2410.

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