Build a “Bridge” to a Better Tomorrow

This fact was the catalyst that led us to establish the Bridge Grant Program in 2020.

Today, this reality has been exacerbated and is even more devastating since America’s poor have been the first to lose their jobs due to the economic dislocation that the pandemic triggered, and worse, the first to experience grave hardships as they face repercussions due to unfortunate trends in the economy.

To make even a small dent in all the suffering that is now taking place in America, we at The Forgotten International are helping those who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency that could be extinguished with a small grant that would serve as a “bridge” to a more stable economic future.

In short, this program works to help people in our own communities to overcome a minor financial obstacle that, if not resolved, could force them into spiraling debt, threaten their income, or even result in the loss of their housing.

To protect the privacy of our Bridge Program grantees, the photos in this newsletter do not belong to TFI, nor do they depict actual Bridge Grant recipients, excluding the image of our first grantee used by permission. 

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