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Interview with Tom Nazario from Sedona Arizona

Attached is an interview conducted by Patti Teel, a reporter from Sedona, Arizona which she completed with us after seeing our film Living on a Dollar a Day at the Sedona Film Festival in March 2018:

The Boy in the Dress

Kamande is currently under the care of an organization called “The Nest” in Limuru, Kenya.

A Story of Success: Karishma Thapa

Through program Tom Nazario developed with help from a board member called “The Children’s Fund,” Karishma became one of the first children that we decided to support long term.

Spotlight On: The ATLAS Club

The Forgotten International recently caught up with Anne Snow, a Mathematics teacher at Riverside High School in Greer, South Carolina.

Board Member Interview: Diane Brandenburg

Diane Brandenburg has been a Board Member for The Forgotten International since 2009, after she met Tom Nazario at a charity event with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Life for a Girl

The challenges faced by girls in developing nations are many. While we focus our work on the multiplicative effect of education, it is important to recognize that is not the only solution to difficulties girls face.

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