Category: Message from the President

Revisiting Robert F. Kennedy

As a former recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Fellowship shortly after I graduated from law school, I find this video particularly powerful.

A new feature article

I’m honored to share an article that was written about me and my founding of TFI.

Draw My Life: Tom Nazario

Check out this short video on our President, Tom, and how he came to found TFI. We think you’ll love it!

An Email From a Young Friend

Let me begin by saying that I am sorry for not continuing to write notes to you on my page. I guess these days it

If I Only Had a Week

A question was posed to me: “if I only had a week to live”. Here are my thoughts: First, I guess when most people think

On Taking a Stand

As I approach my 64th birthday, I have been thinking more and more about life. The life my mother lost just last year, the life that

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