Compassion Award

In order to reward compassion for others, we created The Forgotten International Compassion Award. The award reads, For Demonstrating Compassion Toward Those Who Might Have Otherwise Been Forgotten.

Meet Our Compassion Award Winners

The 2019 Compassion Award (Adult) went to three recipients: Herve Duteil, Marie-Laure de Bailliencourt, and Pierre-Emmanuel Boyer. They all work at the BNP Paribas Bank in New York and together were responsible for raising over $400,000 from the bank for TFI’s work. Everything they did, they didn’t have to do, but did it anyway.

The 2018 Compassion Award (Youth) went to Zachary Wong for founding Water in Nepal, an organization that works on water filtration and infrastructure projects benefitting Nepalese communities. This is work he started while still a high school student and continues to work on today.

The 2017 Compassion Award (Adult) went to Diane and Lee Brandenburg for establishing our Children’s Fund, which is named in honor of their late son Eric, and for helping thousands of families and children in their local community over the course of many years. Truly a humble couple who have always been loving and accepting of all they have met.

The 2017 Compassion Award (Youth) went to Manon Courban and Lucy Wang for their work through the Atlas Club at Riverside High School in Greer, South Carolina. Over four years, they supported impoverished school children in India, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, and Cambodia.

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