Doing Good: Curriculum and Contest

In addition to supporting those struggling with poverty abroad, we want to encourage young people here in the United States to be aware of all that they have and begin to think of ways to benefit others. We feel the most impactful way we can alleviate poverty within the scope of our limited resources is to cultivate kindness in the next generation of philanthropists and world-changers. We approach this by educating high school-aged students about poverty and encouraging them to get involved to make a difference in their local and global community. To do so, we have developed the Doing Good curriculum co-authored by our president Tom Nazario and by Kelly Quayle, a career educator. This inspiring guidebook is available for students, teachers, and youth groups around the country.

In 2018, a group of new graduates from high school who had been working with the Doing Good curriculum decided to visit one of the programs they had supported through their on-campus fundraising. This is the story of that life-changing trip.

The Doing Good curriculum not only includes various exercises that students can do in class to help them better empathize with those who are struggling in the world, but also imbedded in the curriculum are a variety of videos that inform and are aimed at touching one’s heart and awakening compassion for others. To see all the videos featured in our Doing Good curriculum, check out our TFI channel on YouTube. They are all quite compelling.

The Annual Doing Good Awards Contest

To encourage students throughout the state to get involved with their classmates and create a project that works to help others in need each year, we host a contest open to all middle and high school students in California. Learn more about our contest by clicking below.