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I know many people prefer to see a short video about something rather than read an article or description about that same thing. I suspect that is one of the reasons why YouTube is so popular. It is with that in mind that I thought we would create this message to all of you who have helped us in our work, and who might like to scan through these videos and attachments that attempt to capture the essence of the twenty-five programs we funded in 2019.

So, at your leisure, please feel free to simply go down this list, click on the link, and visit some of the work you’ve helped make possible. In some cases where there were no videos, we have given you at least a photo and possibly a link to that program’s website. I hope this proves interesting and informative.


The Cambodian Community Dream Organization (Cambodia)

This project works to improve the lives of those who live in some of the poorest villages in Cambodia by providing clean water wells, toilets, schools, and libraries where there previously were none.

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The Notre Dame Clinic (Ghana)

The Notre Dame Clinic in Ghana has a maternity ward that performs some 200 births each year. Absent this facility, these women would likely have their children at home or in the fields, and, undoubtedly, some would likely die as result. Maternal deaths kill 400,000 women each year, mostly in Africa.

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The Orthopedic Training Center (Ghana)

This center works to enable those with physical disabilities in Ghana, mainly children, to gain independent and productive lives. Without services like this, most with these kids with disabilities would end up begging on the streets of Ghana’s biggest cities.

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VARAS (Ghana)

This organization raises funds to provide services to women and children in rural areas of Ghana, focusing on health, education, and female empowerment. It is the rural areas of the country where most of the worst poverty exists.

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The Delek Children’s Foundation (India)

This foundation works to provide impoverished children in Northern India and Nepal—regardless of their ethnicity or national boundaries—with the education they deserve while at the same time working to preserve the cultures and practices of the Himalayan people.

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The Sirjana Institute (India)

This program provides vocational training to low-income families in Central India, as well as education to improve literacy and hygiene. Most services are targeted to women and girls, for they are in the greatest need of this kind of help.

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Swati Kanak Durga Center (India)

These children live in a few of the poorest slums in New Delhi, India and without extra educational assistance, would likely have great difficulty getting into high schools when they get older. Recently, Swati transitioned from a day school for young children to an after-school supplemental educational program.

Visit the website

Tabitha Enabling Academy (India)

This school provides support and education to children with special needs in a very remote area of India and does outreach in the community in order to help reduce the stigma associated with such conditions. Few schools like this exist in the developing world.

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YouthNet (India)

This program works in one of the poorest areas of India to education and empower youths through skills training and participatory involvement in local government. It is their hope that these young people will ensure a better future for India.

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Zilla Parishad (India)

Zilla Parishad School is located in southern India. The school is attended by marginalized children who, absent a decent education, would likely grow up to continue living in poverty. Interestingly, this was the school one of our our Board members attended as a child. Next year he will build a new school for the children who live in the area. It is a way of giving back.

Margaret Okari Children’s Foundation (Kenya)

This organization serves as an orphanage, school, and emotional support system to children in Kenya orphaned by AIDS. It is a wonderful place where children are loved and grow up to do great things.

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The Nest (Kenya)

This home acts as an orphanage for children in Kenya whose mothers have been imprisoned. It also provides support to mothers when undergoing reintegration into their children’s lives and the community at large.

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One Heart Worldwide (Nepal)

This organization serves pregnant women in the most remote villages of Nepal, and as such works to reduce infant and maternal mortality within very impoverished Nepalese communities.

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Water in Nepal (Nepal)

Started by a teen living in the Bay Area, this project works to provide access to safe, clean water in schools, villages, and institutions in Nepal by completing water filtration projects and helping improve water infrastructure in local communities.

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La Comunidad de Ninos Sagrada Familia (Peru)

This project provides housing, education, and a strong and loving community to some 1,000 orphans and disadvantaged street children in Peru. It is an amazing place that is often in need of help for it does so much for so many.

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Hogar de la Esperanza “Mama Victoria” (Peru)

This organization works in Peru to reduce domestic violence and support the rights of women, girls, and children. They provide skills training, emergency support, shelter, and education for the children in these vulnerable groups, as well as working to fund their organization services through the production and sale of chocolates.

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Project PEARLS (Philippines)

This organization provides educational support and hot, nutritious meals daily to hundreds of children at four locations including Tondo, Manila’s largest slum and dumpsite where many of the poorest people in Manila live off of other people’s garbage.

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Angels Care (Uganda)

This school provides an education to some of the poorest children in rural Uganda. It is located inside a refugee settlement that cares for children escaping conflict in the surrounding countries.

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Friends of Orphans (Uganda)

This program offers rehabilitative services to child soldiers who were abducted from their families, helping reintegrate them back into their communities and recover from the many traumas they have experienced.

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The Eric L. Brandenburg Children’s Fund (USA)

The Eric L. Brandenburg Children’s Fund was created to intervene and save individual children from poverty and near death by providing them with an education, food, and a safe place to live through their schooling years. Nine children are currently in this program. All were found by us through our travels around the world, and without our help would have been condemned to a life in poverty, or worse.

Visit Children’s Fund page

The Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund (USA)

The fund was created this past year by our Board member Mr. Jerry Mohan to honor his brother, the late Dr. Eugene P. Mohan, a dedicated surgeon. In addition to helping pay for the education of three medical students abroad, the fund has already helped many programs and clinics around the world.

Visit Medical Assistance Fund page

MedLend (USA)

While based in the US, this organization provides free surgeries to women and children in developing countries through surgical missions. They also support long-term medical help to grassroots medical facilities through donations of medical supplies and professional training.

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Namgyal Monastery (USA)

This monastery works to preserve Tibetan culture and Buddhist teachings in Ithaca, New York, and is presently working to build a Library and Learning Center in honor of and to further the teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama.

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Tibet Fund (USA)

This program, based in the US, supports healthcare, education, refugee rehabilitation, cultural preservation, community development, and general support for Tibetan refugees in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

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Also, here are a few videos about two of our Internal Programs.

Doing Good (USA)

The goal of the Doing Good Program and Curriculum is to foster compassion in young people and get more of them engaged in doing good in the world. Moreover, we hope to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists and world-changers by educating teenagers about the most pressing issues facing our world today.

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Living on a Dollar a Day

The film is based on our book Living on a Dollar a Day, and follows the work of our team as they travel to ten different countries on four continents in order to explore the ways in which poverty impacts communities and tells the story of those who, around the world, survive on only a dollar a day.

Watch the documentary introduction by Pierce Brosnan

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Buy the Living on a Dollar a Day book on Amazon

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