An update from us during this difficult time

We at The Forgotten International want to take a moment today to write to all of our friends and supporters and wish you well during these very difficult times. Difficult for all those who have lost loved ones, for those who are sick and suffering, for those who have lost their jobs or their place of business, and for those around the world who have yet to experience the worst of this pandemic and may have little access to medical care when it arrives.

Here at our offices we are working remotely and, although we have had to cancel or postpone some of our plans for the year, we are still attending to all that matters most and reaching out to those we help all over the world.

As evidence of this, we will continue to support our sponsored students through our Children’s Fund, as well as children who are being helped through our Medical Assistance Fund, even through this period of quarantine. Moreover, we will be sending funds to Mama Victoria, a women’s shelter in Lima, Peru that provides a safe place for women and their children, and who now face unemployment and illness while still trying to continue to feed and care for their children. The photo above was taken at Mama Victoria a few years ago while I spent some time playing with the children.

In short, we remain open to help in any way we can and to receive your words of encouragement and continued support, and, most importantly, remain committed to continuing our programs of aid to the poorest of the poor.

Again, please be safe, remain well, and never abandon the compassion you have always shown us and others. We would love to hear from you and remain connected. Hopefully we will all get through this period soon.

Tom Nazario
President & Founder
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