Announcing TFI’s 2019 Compassion Award Winner!

Congratulations to Zachary Wong

The Harker School Class of 2019

At an all-school assembly on May 29th at The Harker School in San Jose, California, The Forgotten International recognized an extraordinary student who demonstrates compassion for others.
Kristina and Tom, from TFI, present Zachary (center) with his award.
Each year, The Forgotten International will give a Compassion Award to at least one young person as well as to an adult, or several adults, who are making a positive change in our world.
The Youth Award comes with a grant of $1,000 towards the winner’s charity of choice. This year, TFI made a gift to Water in Nepal, a humanitarian nonprofit that Zachary Wong founded to bring sustainable, clean drinking water systems to impoverished schools and communities in Nepal.
At a young age, Zachary is already doing incredible work in our global community. If you know of someone 12 to 20 years of age who has made compassion for others part of their lives, please contact us to learn how to nominate them for a Compassion Award and grant next year.
TFI’s Compassion Award reads:
For Demonstrating Compassion
Towards Those Who Might Have Otherwise Been Forgotten.
Zachary will be graduating from The Harker School this month, and will be starting classes at Dartmouth College in the fall.
We wish him continued success academically, and we are confident that giving and caring for others will always be part of Zach’s personal and professional life.
To learn more about the nonprofit Zachary created, visit Water In Nepal.
It is this kind of selfless work and caring engagement with the world that we wish to encourage and support through our Compassion Education Program, Doing Good. To learn how you can help get more kids doing good, please reach out to us today!

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