Announcing TFI’s New Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund

The Forgotten International wishes to announce a fund recently established by one of our new Board Members, Jerry Mohan, in honor of his brother, Dr. Eugene P. Mohan. This will be a Donor Advised fund which has been specifically created to assist the medically needy around the world in a variety of ways.

Dr. Eugene Mohan was Chief Surgeon of the Veterans Administration Medical Center of Northport, New York and passed away in August of 2017 after almost 30 years of working at his medical center, and more than a decade of having total charge of the Surgical Resident Program at Stony Brook Hospital.

Inspired by his late brother’s dedication to his medical practice and his kind-hearted service to so many, particularly the poor and veterans with limited access to medical care, it is Jerry’s hope that through this fund he and his wife, Beth, will be able to help:

  • provide support to medical professionals who go abroad to help provide needed medical assistance to the poor
  • fund capital improvement projects at clinics around the world
  • purchase medicines and medical supplies which may be needed in certain parts of the world
  • provide medical assistance to children at orphanages and refugee camps
  • fund mobile medical clinics that would be used to serve marginalized communities
  • fund educational programs that teach preventative health and hygiene to women and children
  • fund clean water purification systems and wells where needed
  • fund supplemental nutrition programs at schools, clinics, orphanages, or other centers that serve the poor
  • fund scholarships or stipends to medical students, nursing students, and healthcare professionals who someday hope to work for programs that serve medically needy around the world, and
  • provide support to children who have suffered from various health related conditions, who, absent some direct intervention, may be condemned to lives of poverty

Jerry and Beth Mohan

For more information about this fund, or if you wish to donate, contact us:
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