In a Time of Trouble

Tom Nazario in the Punjab area of India at a school for Dalic children.

This will be a year to remember, not only here at TFI but throughout the world. We, of course, wish we could do more to end the suffering, nevertheless we are trying to do our small part by reaching out to all those we help around the world to simply hear from them how they are doing in the midst of this pandemic and all its economic ramifications, for, as your know, it will be the poor and marginalized who will likely suffer most when this has passed. The very people we try to help.

Recently, in the midst of communicating to those we serve during the then upcoming Easter season, we heard from a program in West Africa that we have only recently started funding. In their email to us, they said it all!


“The COVID-19 virus, even though devastating, showcases how connected the world is in our continuous efforts to bring oneness and change, reminding us all of the need to be humble in our collective ways, appreciate the gift of life, and to relentlessly continue serving those in need.
Again, as we journey through this weekend with passion and love, let us not forget the little ways we bring changes to the poorest of the poor, because as these changes linger in their hearts, we, working together, need to extend our help further to those who are desperately waiting in line for it.
On behalf of that boy, girl, woman, and man we serve here at VARAS through your support, I pray you and your family and team stay strong and healthy and come out even stronger post coronavirus.”
Sylvester Atitsogbe
Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS)
On a somewhat different note, and for your information and entertainment, last month I did a podcast for a group here in the Silicon Valley. It is largely about me, my thoughts on life, and the work we do together. If you have a moment and would like to listen, click here.
Please stay well!
Tom Nazario
Founder & President
The Forgotten International
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