Juneteenth and Black Lives Matter

On the Anniversary of Juneteenth

The Forgotten International partners with organizations around the world fighting poverty. We believe poverty is a form of injustice and that economic disparity creates inequality of opportunities in education, employment, healthcare, housing, and within the justice system itself. We also believe that all people, regardless of skin color or where they happen to be born or live, are of equal human worth and deserving of the kindness of others.
While there is a lot of pain in the world right now, on this 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, we must acknowledge our history and the ongoing injustices in the United States against Black lives, a disproportionate number of which have been and continue to be cut short by violence.
As a nation, our response should be compassionate, inclusive, and resolute. We cannot close our eyes to the repeated acts of brutality and bigotry. We cannot close our ears to the escalating hateful and dangerous speech. We cannot close our hearts to the suffering wrought by indignity and marginalization. We have, for far too long, sung songs of Amazing Grace and We Shall Overcome without taking sufficient action. It is time for our better angels to rise and make this country and world a place where all people are valued, where all people are safe, and where all people are equal in every sense of the word.
There should be no debate of a person’s perceived worth, only honest dialogue to forge meaningful solutions that serve every member of our global and local communities. Insisting that Black Lives Matter is not just a call for social change, it is a moral imperative.
Today and every day, we stand in unity with those seeking justice, and we add our voices to the calls for an end to the systemic racism, which exists here and abroad, that has destroyed the lives of so many.
In solidarity,
Tom Nazario
Founder and President
and on behalf of
The Forgotten International’s Board of Directors and staff
To help create a just society, please donate generously to:
Black Lives Matter
Equal Justice Initiative
The Poor People’s Campaign
Southern Poverty Law Center
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