Our 2020 Year in Review

Over this past year, we, along with so many others, have been dealing with the ramifications associated with the coronavirus on the world’s poor. With schools closed along with much of the infrastructure that serves the world, millions were left without any means to earn their daily wages and acquire food for themselves and their families. Because of your kindness, we have been able to help many women, children, and families survive amidst this pandemic, and with your ongoing support, we will continue this work in the coming year, ensuring that those in extreme poverty who need our help receive it.

We thank you for your generous support during this difficult time. Click here to view our 2020 Year in Review and see some of what we have achieved together this past year, as well as some thoughts about what our plans are for this year. The Forgotten International operates entirely on donations, so your gifts make all of our work possible.


Tom Nazario

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