The Bridge Fund at TFI

Introducing Our New “Bridge Fund”

I want to take this opportunity today to reach out to you to tell you about a new domestic funding program we have created here at the foundation which we have called the “Bridge Fund”. In short, its purpose will be to provide some help to those who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis which could be mitigated with a small grant that would serve as a “bridge” to a more promising future. Our hope would be that this grant would work to take the recipient from a state of desperation to a position of hope, hence the term “Bridge Grant”.

Grant Requirements and Limitations:

  • The recipient must be nominated by either a TFI Board member, a member of our staff, a social worker, a school teacher, or an administrator of one of our partner organizations.
  • The grant is limited to $2,500 per recipient.
  • The recipient cannot be a relative of the nominator.
  • The recipient should be an individual, household, or organization.
  • The recipient must be living or operating in the USA.
  • The recipient’s need for assistance need not be related to the current pandemic.
  • Finally, although not necessary, we would prefer to have our funds pass through a local non-profit organization that serves the recipient’s community and/or have the recipient report back to us as to how the funds were expended. Ideally, we would hope that through our grant the recipient would be saved from homelessness, the loss of employment, or the loss of an opportunity that might have advanced his or her hopes for the future.

If, after reading the guidelines above, you are among one of the groups eligible to nominate a person or organization that you believe may be in need and would like a nomination form, please feel free to write to us at Please put “Bridge Grant” in your subject line.

Hopefully this fund will grow, and we will be able to help more and more of those nominated in the near future. In fact, if you are moved by this program and would like to donate some funds towards this effort, please click the button below and include a note that you would like your contribution to go towards those who will be helped via a Bridge Grant.

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