The Forgotten International Awards Our 2019 Compassion Awards

Last year, The Forgotten International decided to award our 2019 Compassion Award to three deserving individuals. They all happen to live in New York, and between scheduling conflicts followed by travel restrictions due to COVID-19, it became impossible to organize a special event where we could appropriately recognize them, ideally, in the presence of their family, friends, and colleagues.
With the ongoing social distancing requirements, we at last decided to simply mail the awards (pictured above) to our three recipients before any more time passes. In an effort to acknowledge their good work to help those we serve around the world, I am pleased to introduce and acknowledge them here.
The three winners of The Forgotten International’s Compassion for 2019 are Herve Duteil, Pierre-Emmanuel Bouyer, and Marie-Laure de Bailliencourt. All three work at BNP Paribas Bank in New York City.

Herve Duteil

Herve Duteil discovered our work some years ago, shortly after he had been given the position of heading up the corporate responsibilities branch of the bank. Part of his job was to bring awareness to the bank’s employees about some of the critical issues facing the world. Global poverty was certainly one of those issues, and The Forgotten International worked with Herve in bringing the stories of the world’s poor to the bank. The truth is that but for Herve, we would not have had the opportunity to meet many fine people, not only at the BNP Paribas Bank, but also at Bank of the West here in California. He has been a wonderful friend and supporter of TFI.

Pierre-Emmanuel Bouyer

Pierre-Emmanuel Bouyer came to a presentation that TFI gave at BNP Paribas Bank a few years ago, but instead of walking out of the room afterwards, he decided to stay and learn more. He eventually visited one of the programs TFI supports in Peru and, while there, served the children at that facility. Later, he worked with the bank to encourage their support and also reached out to family and friends to help the impoverished children he had met. Pierre has done this for a number of years, and we greatly appreciate his commitment to these children.

Marie-Laure de Bailliencourt

Marie-Laure de Bailliencourt took it upon herself to start a volunteer program at BNP Paribas Bank whereby employees would travel to Peru to provide technical assistance to an organization that was in much need of various kinds of professional advise and services. Knowing that they also needed financial support, Marie-Laure pulled together a variety of fundraising events at the bank, which raised a substantial amount of funds to pay for many projects at an orphanage and school TFI has been supporting for a number of years. We are grateful to Marie-Laure for her compassion and enthusiasm in helping these young people

What we find common in all these recipients is the fact that none of them had to do anything. All three lead comfortable and busy lives in New York, and no one would have thought less of them if they simply focused on the work they each had on their respective desks. Instead, they wished to learn about grassroots organizations abroad that are working with impoverished communities, and they traveled to visit an orphanage in Peru and spent time with the children there. They then, together, raised over $300,000 to further our work in Peru, as well as provided support for our Doing Good program in the United States.
We at The Forgotten International strongly believe that the highest form of compassion is in giving when nothing is expected in return, and that it is done separate from any requirements that may be imposed by others. Giving to people you don’t even know and may never meet is an admirable and truly compassionate act. All this is true of Herve Duteil, Pierre-Emmanuel Bouyer, and Marie-Laure de Bailliencourt, and is the reason we are pleased to give them our 2019 Compassion Awards. The award they have received has the words “For demonstrating compassion towards those who might have otherwise been forgotten” engraved on it. This is so true with regard to all three of them.
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