Fiscal Overview

TFI Grantmaking and Operations

We provide small grants to grassroots organizations through our General Grantmaking Account, as well as through our Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund and our Bridge Fund. We also support individual children through our Eric L. Brandenburg Children’s Fund. At the same time, we run our own internal programs designed to advance our mission. Those programs include our publication and film through our Living on a Dollar a Day project as well as our Compassion Education curriculum called Doing Good in local schools and Doing Good prize contest. We also provide volunteer service opportunities abroad through our Fellowship Program, as well as honor those who have demonstrated exceptional compassionate work through our annual Compassion Award.
The donations given to The Forgotten International for our grantmaking programs are never used to cover our administrative costs. Those costs are covered by our Board of Directors. Hence, TFI gives 100% of your donation to the program of your choice, or to whichever program needs your help the most. We are entirely a donor-funded organization and have no endowment. As such, our donors make all of our work possible, and for that we are eternally grateful!