Former Fellow: Dawa Gangshar

Dawa Gangshar

Dawa served in Nepal in Summer 2014.

This past summer, TFI gave me the opportunity to volunteer in Nepal, my birthplace and second home. The 8-weeks of volunteering was truly inspiring, humbling, and matured me in ways I never could have imagined.

A majority of my time was spent working closely with three schools managed by the Snow Lion Foundation to teach English to students from grades 8-12. Many of the students have either Tibetan or Himalayan roots with families living in villages among remote areas of Nepal. This meant that in order to receive a proper education, the students had to leave behind loved ones and board in a metropolitan city from a very young age. Some kids I met were as young as 5 years old living away from home. Although the boys and girls missed their parents and siblings, it was evident they appreciated and enjoyed learning and having many close friendships. During this time, I also worked at the Tsering Elders Home to compile 45 personal reports on the seniors for potential sponsorships managed by the Tibet Fund. Listening to each of the unique and incredible stories told by the Tibetan elders will resonate with me for a lifetime.

I am beyond grateful to The Forgotten International for this profound and unforgettable fellowship. These experiences have strengthened my passion in commitment to service and community outreach.

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