Former Fellow: Dianna Eckhardt

Diana Eckhardt

Diana served with the Zinunula Omunaku Education Centre in Uganda in Summer 2008.

In the summer of 2008, I was sent to Uganda on behalf of The Forgotten International to continue some work at the Zinunula Omunaku Education Centre originally started by The Rotary Club of San Jose. While there, I was asked to do two things: work with the children at their primary school to teach, among other things, English and Social Studies. Also, with part of the funds provided to me, I was to supervise the building of the roof to their newly constructed Educational Centre, as well as look into how best the school could get clean water, build cement walkways, repair and install new windows and doors, and supply the residence and some of the school with electricity.

This was a brand new school, serving children who, in some instances, walked four miles each day to receive a very basic education. It was a difficult yet wonderful experience. Living in this part of Africa is hard. Getting used to the bugs, finding clean water, bathing whenever possible, and simply dealing with a culture that moves at a very different pace was at times frustrating. I learned much, and gave as much as I could. In fact, it was very difficult for me to leave, but before doing so, I also decided to work with an organization called “The Right to Play” and got the school soccer balls, a first aid kit, pencils, books and a variety of school supplies. Today, even though it’s been a few years since I’ve been there, I still remember many of the children and many of the experiences I had there as if it were yesterday.

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