Former Fellow: Toan Do

Toan Do

Toan Do served with the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Dharamsala, India in Fall 2014.

In the fall of 2014, I was given the great opportunity and privilege to work at the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights & Democracy, located near the city of Dharamsala, India. This opportunity was made possible by the Forgotten International’s Fellowship Program.

My work at the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights & Democracy (TCHRD) consisted of research, writing, analysis, and editing. I conducted extensive research on international human rights law and Chinese domestic and international policy. Along the way, I also learned a great deal about Tibetan politics. Furthermore, I edited special reports for submission to the United Nations as well as drafted recommendations to various UN Special Rapporteurs. Finally, I wrote a chapter on the Tibetan people’s fundamental human right to freedom of assembly for TCHRD’s 2014 Annual Report on the state of human rights in Tibet.

This experience was that of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to the Forgotten International for making it possible. I learned so much from so many wonderful people. My worldview and the way I approach life has forever been changed for the better. Specifically, I was handed a powerful reminder that success in one’s life is all relative to what one values. In this regard, I am aligned with the Forgotten International’s values. Thus, a successful life, to me, means a life led helping those most in need; helping all the forgotten. That is exactly what I plan to continue doing.

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