Support a Future: Sponsor a Special Education Teacher in India

All around the US, children are beginning to go back to school, with their new backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils. Teachers are welcoming their new students and introducing the goals of the year.

At a small school in India, three teachers are wondering if they will be able to have that same back to school joy to share with their students. Ms. Thong, Mr. Kilumo, and Ms. Chumbeni teach at the Tabitha Enabling Academy, a school for disabled children in Northeastern India.

Tabitha Enabling Academy, giving tuesday
Some of the disabled children who attend the Tabitha Enabling Academy. The school needs help to pay the salaries of the three teachers who may a huge impact in these children’s lives. Just $75 pays a month’s salary!

In Nagaland, people with disabilities face social stigma, making it difficult for children with disabilities to receive education and support. The Tabitha Enabling Academy provides education and occupational therapy for the children, allowing them to better care for themselves. They also perform community outreach in order to improve social acceptance.  The lives of the 50 children in attendance as well as those of their families are improved by the TEA and the hard work of these teachers.

However, the funding for this program is small, and there is not always the money to pay the salaries of these three teachers. The monthly salary of each teacher is 5000 rupees, around $75. Help ensure these teachers can continue to improve the lives of these children. Support their salaries today!

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