Dr. Eugene P. Mohan
Medical Assistance Fund

Dr. Eugene P. Mohan

The Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund was established in 2019 by Jerry and Beth Mohan in memory of Jerry’s late brother, Eugene. Since its inception, the fund has supported various efforts to help bring medical assistance to those in greatest need around the world. Below, please find an overview of what we have accomplished over the past year.

In the years to come, we will continue to look for and fund deserving projects and people through this initiative. If you would like to help us in this effort, or if you have a project you want us to consider funding, please contact us.

This fund was established to:

  • provide support to medical professionals who go abroad to help provide needed medical assistance to the poor
  • fund capital improvement projects at clinics around the world
  • purchase medicines and medical supplies which may be needed in certain parts of the world
  • provide medical assistance to children at orphanages or refugee camps
  • fund mobile medical clinics that would be used to serve marginalized communities
  • fund educational programs that teach preventative health and hygiene to women and children
  • fund clean water purification systems and wells where needed
  • fund supplement nutritional programs at schools, clinics, orphanages, or other centers that serve the poor
  • fund scholarships or stipends to medical students who someday hope to provide healthcare services to their communities
  • provide support to children who have suffered from various health related conditions, which absent some direct intervention may be condemned to a life of poverty

Meet the Grantees

Joey Torreano

In March 2019, Joey (left in photo) volunteered as a part of a surgical team at a teaching hospital in Mbarara, Uganda, through MedLend, an international medical missions organization. The Mohan Fund provided a fellowship for Joey to travel with the team and while there they worked together to help in the delivery of needed services. (Photo: Joey with Jerry Mohan on their way to volunteer.)

Dr. Joseph Kazussah Bugri

Joseph was an exchange student in the U.S. He has now finished medical school at the University for Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana. His host family through The Mohan Fund supported his education. Dr. Kazussah is now doing very important work that is much needed his country.

Zakaria Awal

When TFI President Tom Nazario visited the Orthopedic Training Centre in Ghana, he discovered a boy named Zak who was born without the lower halves of his legs. The Mohan Fund is supporting Zak with his education and boarding at the Centre, as well as his medical care which includes upgrading his prostheses.

Source: Daystar Ministries

Daystar Medical Clinic

Jerry Mohan was touched by the tireless work of Dr. Irene Ganiriza in her Ugandan community, which for many years had no medical clinic to help the families and children living there. The Mohan Fund helped her to open a clinic, which has had a very positive impact in the community. They now have beds for patients, equipment to diagnose illnesses, and everything needed to immunize children.

Source: Angels Care School

Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Angels Care Medical Centre

The Angels Care School largely serves refugee children living in Uganda. We discovered that one of their greatest needs was for a local health clinic for the students and the surrounding refugee community. The Mohan Fund built this clinic and it opened on July 4, 2020.

Source: MedLend


In March 2019, Jerry Mohan, a Family Nurse Practitioner, volunteered as a surgical nurse at a teaching hospital in Mbarara, Uganda through MedLend, an international medical missions organization. After the trip, the Mohan Fund also made a donation to MedLend to continue their work in Uganda and other countries abroad.

Source: Notre Dame Clinic

Notre Dame Clinic

Women and children are the primary focus of TFI’s work and also a concern for the Mohans. The Notre Dame Clinic has a maternity ward that each year performs some 200 births. The Mohan Fund has provided this clinic with new sterilization equipment and a much needed security wall.

Orthopedic Training Centre

In addition to their decision to support little Zak above, the Mohan  family is helping to replace the roof on a dormitory situated at the Centre which had been leaking for years and was at risk of collapse. This is a dormitory where many of the Centre’s patients reside while receiving treatment and physical therapy.

Satta Dinuwelle

Jerry and his wife Beth have supported exchange students to the U.S. for many years. One such young person is Satta from Liberia. She is now a student in the Nursing program at Cuttington University in Monrovia. The Mohan Fund is paying for all of her educational and housing needs until she graduates.

Source: SevaChild International

SevaChild International

SevaChild’s goal is to eradicate the presence of vitamin A deficiency disorders throughout India by ensuring that at-risk children are supplemented with the vitamin A that is necessary to protect them from serious illness, blindness and even death.

The Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund has also provided food relief to thousands in India and Africa, as well as paid for the purchase of PPE supplies for nurses and medics in Nepal in order to help those who had almost no access to protective equipment during the present pandemic. The Mohan family has decided to help an orphanage and school in Peru that hopes to not only better protect the orphans that live there from the coronavirus but also ensure that the virus did not spread throughout the orphanage when the school opened in early 2021 and more children reenter their community. When that occurs, over 1,000 children will be at risk.