“The Five Biggest Problems Facing the World Today: A Gift From My Generation to Yours”

In my continuing efforts to try to communicate with those of you who care about some of the work I do, I thought I would show you a video of a talk I gave some years ago at the University of San Francisco’s School of Law. I was asked to give a lecture as if this was going to be the last lecture of my life. You may have heard of these series of lectures that were made famous by a professor who was told he was dying of cancer, and decided to create his own last lecture. My last lecture was entitled, “The Five Biggest Problems Facing the World Today: A Gift From My Generation to Yours“. If you would like to hear what I said to some of my students at USF, click on the link above. The talk did last about an hour, so please excuse the length of this video, but feel free to check it out if you wish.

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