Our Beliefs

12 Beliefs That Shape Our Work

  1. That all people, regardless of where they happen to be born or live, are of equal human worth and deserving of the kindness of others.
  2. That in women and children, who are often the most defenseless among us, lies the hope and future of the world and, for that reason, they are most in need of the world’s help.
  3. That in giving, the giver receives as much, if not more, than he or she gives.
  4. That we are far more the same than different, and we should never let the differences that exist between us, divide us.
  5. That goodness is the rule and evil the exception and, as such, we should trust in the basic goodness of all humankind.
  6. That ego, greed, and/or the lust for power are often responsible for much of the world’s poverty and suffering. Hence these impulses should, at all cost, be resisted.
  7. That money is not the root of all evil but a means to an end, and that “end” can be to do good and relieve suffering. It is for us to choose.
  8. That the acquisition of wealth often has at least as much to do with luck and/or the service of others than a particular individual’s skills, gifts, or ingenuity, and as such, one’s wealth should always be shared with those less fortunate.
  9. That nothing cares for the world’s people as much as the earth itself, and it is for that reason that the earth must be cared for in the same way that she cares for all of us. We are dependent on each other. It is a reciprocal relationship.
  10. That all of us have the opportunity to leave this earth better for having been here. It is what defines a meaningful life.
  11. That positive change often occurs through the work of many people making small contributions. Hence, there is no problem too big as long as enough people care.
  12. That on occasion, all of us who live comfortable lives should step out of what we know to experience the world outside of our privileged communities. No one should be allowed to simply ignore or forget the so many all over the world who have so little and suffer so much.