Our 2023 Year in Review

A Breeze of Hope (Bolivia) provides free legal, social, and psychological services to child victims of sexual violence and encourages healthy and comprehensive childhood development. This organization strives for a world where all children grow up in loving and nurturing environments. They serve both boys and girls ages 3 to 12. Last year we made a donation toward their general operations in order to help them continue to serve these vulnerable children.

Cambodian Community Dream Organization (Cambodia) meets the needs of rural villages by building water wells and latrines, as well as providing supplemental education to local schools through preschool English education and computer classes. They also serve the children at their schools a nutritious breakfast every school day and teach them important hygiene practices that can save their lives. Last year we gave them a grant to help them expand their programs to 29 additional rural schools. With our grant, they were able to provide 652 children at their schools with new uniforms and supplies for 2024. These schools are located in some of the poorest areas of Cambodia.

Kaziba Orphanage (Democratic Republic of the Congo) houses children under the age of eight who come from families affected by war and poverty and provides them with food, medical care, and a safe place to live until they can be adopted. Last year we continued to provide them with most of the support they needed to serve the approximately 60 young children who live there. Without that support, some of these children would have surely died.

Orthopedic Training Centre (Ghana) works to support the physically disabled, particularly children, to achieve independent and productive lives. This is very important work, for throughout the developing world, those who are physically disabled are often forgotten by the state and left to fend for themselves. The Centre helps over 6,000 people a year with residential and outpatient care. Last year we continued to support their ongoing work while also supporting the education of a particular child there and some special events for the children and the community at large.

VARAS (Ghana) seeks sustainable solutions for rural communities to survive and thrive by working to bridge the development gap that exists between rural and urban areas of their country. In doing so, they provide professional skills training to rural women, which these women can then turn into businesses that will serve them and their families well into the future. Last year we again provided them with enough support to continue to offer training at their school and sewing factory in Northern Ghana, one of the poorest areas of the country.

KEATS (India) works to foster healthy environments for those they serve, strengthening access to education and programs that help individuals and families build stable livelihoods. In 2022 and 2023, TFI partnered with KEATS and one of our Board members, Bobba Venkatadri, who has rebuilt a high school in his childhood community in rural India. TFI helped to complete this project which brought a whole new school to six hundred impoverished children, where before there was only a dilapidated schoolhouse built by the Indian government over 150 years ago.

KEATS (India) was also the recipient of a second grant last year to help fund the completion of a women’s empowerment center which trains impoverished women working in agriculture to use machinery and package baked goods for a large food company. With these skills, they can begin to make a regular income without having to rely on the success or failure of crops or on a husband who often cannot make enough income to support their family or help them overcome poverty.

Shanti Bhavan (India) is a school that provides children who were born into generational poverty with a safe living and learning environment. This private boarding school does everything that one might find at a school for India’s rich, but for the children of the extreme poor, successfully ending the cycle of poverty for their students. Last year we decided to continue our support of this school by helping to renovate the teachers’ residence hall as well as continuing to support their college scholarship program.

St. Vincent’s Children of Kibera (Kenya) helps the most vulnerable children in one of the world’s largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya, through their Nursery and Rescue Center. The Center is also a place where children are sure to get their (often) only meal of the day, as well as school supplies, scholarship money for school fees, and even funds to pay for some medical services when needed. We continue our support of this center that serves some 80 children in the hopes that one day they will leave the poverty that they have been born into.

Delek Children’s Foundation (Nepal) was started by a Tibetan Monk who, after working in the US to build a small monastery, decided to return to his homeland and travel throughout the Himalayan mountain region and distribute scholarships, school supplies, medical equipment, and food to impoverished farmers and nomads who live in that area. Last year, we gave him money to purchase thousands of reading glasses to distribute to individuals and children in that region of the world. For most, these glasses made a world of difference.

La Comunidad de Niños Sagrada Familia (Peru) is a large school and orphanage with a medical clinic for over 1,200 children who work hard every day in the hope of a better future. TFI has been supporting this orphanage for many years, for they receive little help from the government, and more and more children come to their door every day. Last year, we decided to not only continue to support them, but also help them develop a more sustainable long-term source of income for the school.

Hogar de la Esperanza Mamá Victoria (Peru) houses women who have escaped domestic violence in order to keep them and their children safe from further abuse. This small center and residential housing facility also has a classroom for the children of the families who live there. Last year, we decided to continue to fund this organization, for the problem of domestic violence gets little to no attention from the Peruvian government and, absent our help, this center would cease to exist.

Kantaya (Peru) is an organization that runs an afterschool program called “Casa Feliz,” which provides 400 children with a safe and productive learning environment each afternoon. The kids who attend this program gain a leg up on learning, as well as the chance to play and dance at this, their “second home.” Also, with this as an option, their working parents do not have to leave them alone at home. Last year, we provided them with enough funding to put a roof on one of their three centers and also make sure that the children had something extra for the Christmas holidays.

Project PEARLS (The Philippines) helps those living in Manila’s largest slum to have a better life. To do so, they run a program of education, empowerment, nutrition, and healthcare. They serve about 400 families at three different facilities, all with the purpose of keeping families healthy and together while working to lift them out of poverty. Last year, PEARLS needed additional funding to support their scholarship program. These funds go to children who, but for this assistance, would likely have to drop out of school to help their families and give up their chance to leave poverty.

Angels Care Medical Clinic (Uganda) is located in a refugee settlement for some 120,000 inhabitants who have escaped conflicts of all kinds from neighboring countries. Over the years, we have helped them provide their residents with clean water and a new medical clinic through our Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund. Last year, we continued to provide nearly all the funds necessary to run and expand this clinic. It is something we are committed to doing long term.

Angels Care School (Uganda) is a school located in the same refugee camp mentioned above that serves children from some of the most vulnerable families. In doing so, it offers them a safe place to rebuild their lives. Last year, in addition to providing needed food for all of the children who attend the school, as well as their families, we continued to pay for teacher salaries and some renovation projects that are necessary to serve the well over 1,000 children who attend the school.

Daystar Clinic (Uganda) is the project of Dr. Irene Ganiriza, who dreamed of building a clinic to serve the widows, orphans, and the community where she grew up as a child. We provided Daystar with the funding needed to start Irene’s clinic, and now they have beds for patients, equipment to diagnose illnesses, and all they need to immunize children and safely bring so many into the world. Last year, we continued to fund necessary medications and salaries and improve diagnostic equipment at the clinic, which are all items necessary to continue to serve those in her community. The Mohan Family has made much of this possible for the Daystar community.

Daystar School (Uganda) Some three years ago, Dr. Irene (noted above) also opened a small day school for local children in an area where there was once no school at all. Since then we have been providing her with funds to build a more permanent facility called the Daystar School, which now has some 440 children attending. Last year, we provided additional funds to build two new upper-level classrooms and pay teacher salaries, as well as funds to improve the kitchen facility and lunch area. All the children love the school they have been given.

TFI’s Bridge Fund (USA) is a program we started in 2020, and is one of our newer grantmaking programs through which we were able to make 13 separate grants last year. These grants go to individuals or families who are at risk of losing their foothold in our economy and falling into extreme poverty. This is a program that we will continue in 2024, for it represents an effort on our part to do more for those who are struggling here in the United States.

TFI’s Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund (Global) was established in 2019 by Board member Jerry Mohan and his wife Beth in memory of Jerry’s late brother. Dr. Eugene Mohan was the Chief Medical Surgeon in Northport, NY. This is another one of our dedicated grantmaking programs and, since its inception, the fund has supported various efforts to help bring medical assistance to those in greatest need around the world. Through this fund, last year TFI supported projects in Africa and India, as well as awarded scholarships to medical students who will one day serve the poor.

TFI’s Eric L. Brandenburg Children’s Fund (Global) is a special funding program we have at our foundation that provides individualized, long-term support for children living in dire circumstances anywhere in the world. It does so in order to ensure that they leave poverty and obtain a chance at a decent life. Currently, 16 children are being or have been served by this program. All of these children and young adults grew up in either India or Ghana.

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