“Living on a Dollar a Day” at Bingham

"Living on a Dollar a Day" at BinghamOn August 19, 2011, the law firm of Bingham hosted a presentation of the Making of “Living on a Dollar a Day” at their Silicon Valley office. Professor Tom Nazario and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Renée Byer gave our guests a sneak peak of some the stories and photographic profiles that will make up the book to be published next fall.  The Forgotten International will be making several presentations around the Bay Area in advance of the book’s release. Renée Byer and videographer George Rosenfeld returned from their final trip abroad in May, wrapping up travel to 10 countries on four continents. They interviewed individuals and families around the world who survive on about one dollar each. They met subsistence farmers, factory workers, prostitutes, fishing families, herders, garbage recyclers and beggars, starting in India in June 2010, moving through Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Liberia, Ghana, Romania, Moldova, Peru and finally Bolivia this summer.  In addition, they visited charitable clinics, community centers, foundations, and other aid organizations trying to help the poorest of the poor to not only survive another day, but try to improve their lives through education, healthcare and job training. Our hope with this book is to shine a light on the plight of these people and communities and create a call to action so that anyone who wants to can get involved. You can view the article here. (Photo by Paul Kitagaki, Jr.)

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