TFI Compassion Award

As part Riverside High, Atlas Club, South Carolina, TFI Compassion Awadof our second decade of operations, and in order to encourage compassion for others, we created The Forgotten International Compassion Award. The award reads, For Demonstrating Compassion Toward Those Who Might Have Otherwise Been Forgotten.

The first Compassion Awards of 2018 were given out on April 30th at a ceremony at Riverside High School in Greer, South Carolina. The awards went to two young women: Ms. Lucy Wang and Ms. Manon Courban for their work through the Atlas Club over the past four years in supporting impoverished school children in India, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, and most recently Cambodia.

The photo is of both students with their inspiring teacher and our Doing Good facilitator at their school, Ms. Anne Snow.  We hope they continue their good works beyond high school and throughout their lives. Congratulations, Lucy and Manon!

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