Our Doing Good Social Media Series

We’ve now reached the end of our Doing Good social media series in which, over the past few months, we shared a closer look at each lesson in our compassion education curriculum and invited youth organizations and groups across the United States to learn more about our mission, through this book, to impact and inspire young people throughout the country to become ambassadors of compassion, starting in their own communities.

For those who have followed along and checked out our posts on each chapter of the Doing Good curriculum, thank you. We hope you are inspired to learn more about our book. If you missed these posts, check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages to learn more.

Doing Good is all about encouraging young people to consider all that they have and grow their knowledge about how they can work within their communities and world to benefit others. Full of lessons, activities, project ideas, video links, and more, this curriculum–co-written by TFI’s president Tom Nazario and Kelly Quayle, a career educator–is built to cultivate kindness and inspire action. We encourage this book’s use in schools, youth programs, summer camps, homeschool programs, and more, as a tool that leads young people to become better advocates for others while practicing and thinking critically about the various ways that they can do good, both presently and in their futures.

As we’ve shared in our social media series, the curriculum contains ten lessons:

1 – “Gratitude” 

2 – “The World We Live In” 

3 – “The Problems We Face”

4 – “Empathy”

5 – “Compassion”

6 – “Poverty Near and Far” 

7 – “Out of Poverty” 

8 – “Needs, Wants, and Waste”

9 – “Happiness” 

10 – “Doing Good”

Each lesson carries its own significant teachings and asks important questions of students and young learners that will lead them to expand their knowledge and grow into the most compassionate and giving individuals they can be. Visit our posts for these lessons to learn a bit more about each.

Finally, if you’re interested in helping cultivate the next generation of world-changers and philanthropists, contact us to learn more about how your school or group can use Doing Good to encourage, inspire, and incite positive action within today’s youths.

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