TFI Announces the Opening of the Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Angels Care Medical Centre

The Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Angels Care Medical Centre was officially opened by the Hon. Robihah Nabanja, State Minister of Health and General Duties at the Kayaka II Refugee Settlement in Kyegegwa, Uganda on the 4th of July, 2020.
The clinic was funded by one of our Board members, Jerry Mohan, and his wife Beth in honor of Jerry’s late brother, Eugene, who was Chief Surgeon at the Veterans Administration Medical Center of Northport, New York and later was placed in charge of the Surgical Resident Program at Stonybrook Hospital. Thanks to Jerry and Beth, this clinic will from this day forward be serving the health needs of refugees from Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and Eritrea, some 120,000 residents in all. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides in and out-patient services, family planning, pre and postnatal care, child healthcare and immunizations, minor surgeries, lab work, STD prevention, counseling and education, and pharmaceutical medications.
Above are some of the community residents that arrive each morning to receive the services provided. Below, and in order to accomplish all that this clinic is called upon to do, are two more buildings, one which provides sleeping quarters for patients needing care overnight, and another is used to house the clinic staff.
Jerry Mohan, himself a retired Family Nurse Practitioner, hopes to visit the clinic once travel begins to open up again around the world. His hope is to do a needs assessment of the work and future services of the clinic and visit with Pastor Byaruhanga Godfrey, who, day after day, devotes his time and energy to educating the children of the camp at the Angels Care School and oversees all of the community projects at the refugee center.
Also, Jerry and Beth Mohan have, through their Medical Assistance Fund, supported young people seeking to further their medical education, provided food relief to thousands in both Africa and India, and supported a child’s education, housing, medical care at an orthopedic hospital in Ghana, while also paying for a capital improvement project at a maternity hospital in that country. In addition, they recently decided to fund PPE supplies in Nepal, a Hepatitis mitigation program in Northern India, a medical relief organization in the U.S. and a clean water project for an orphanage and school in Peru.
We, of course, wish to thank Pastor Godfrey, as well as Jerry and Beth Mohan for making this gift to the Kayaka II Refugee Camp possible and trusting The Forgotten International to help in this effort. Certainly, in a world struggling with so many difficult and often overwhelming challenges, it is easy to simply close our eyes and retreat to our own comfortable spaces. It is people like Jerry and Beth Mohan, along with Pastor Godfrey, who refuse to forget the so many who could easily be forgotten.
Pastor Godfrey delivering Covid relief food and supplies packages during this time of need for children and families at the refugee camp in Uganda.
Jerry and Beth Mohan created the Dr. Eugene P. Mohan Medical Assistance Fund at TFI to help those in need of medical services that may otherwise not be met.
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